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Knowle Hall Gravity Project 2021

In this virtual Project Based Learning experience residence hall students from Yew Wah Guangzhou, Lingang and Tongxiang were given the following essential question to explore and answer.

“The Gravity Project in Bridgewater, UK aims to be as sustainable as possible. Considering the concept of ‘Green Economy’ what environmentally focused advice, innovations or development ideas can you share with the Gravity Project group?”

Over 200 students from the three schools were involved every Wednesday evening for a period of 6 weeks. They worked in groups with the aim of creating advice for Gravity on a range of ecologically sustainable ideas that could help the company reach their goal of building an eco-friendly, smart campus in Bridgwater, UK.

Although the students had supervisors from Gravity and Knowle Hall to give support, the majority of the work you will see here is the result of the students’ independent research, collaborative planning and intelligent problem solving.

The students researched Green Economy, considered their areas of interest and then created practical solutions to problems such as waste management, energy efficiency and transportation. A variety of outcomes were created by the students including informative presentations, model buildings and possible transportation solutions.

Check out our participants and winners HERE


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