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Microsoft Teams

Below is a comprehensive guide on Teams for students and parents.

What is Microsoft Teams?
Microsoft Teams Intro For Students | Chinese
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Microsoft Teams is a Learning Management System that we will use to replace the many other platforms we are using in our schools. For some schools, it will replace Google, Zoom, and ClassIn. It will allow you to communicate with your teachers and your peers and connect with your class to receive assignments or join online lessons. Finally, it will be a place to back up and store your documents and work.

Teams has the following features:


  • Class Teams 

  • Chat

  • File Storage 

  • Video Conferencing


Secondary students will be using Teams as a replacement for almost all of their communication and work. Primary students will most likely use still use Seesaw for most communication and work, though Teams will be available if there is ever a need to perform distance or blended learning (video conferencing).


New Microsoft accounts are necessary to access Teams (

What is Microsoft Teams?
1. Basic Overview