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Exciting New Courses, Now Available!

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

Dear Colleagues,

Happy New Year!

Upon requests from our academic staff, we are pleased to announce the launch of two new courses- Learning Objectives and Supporting Learners with Their Revision. These courses are now available in both Mandarin and English on our PD Platform.


Learning Objectives

Teaching is not about compiling different activities and hoping that students will just learn. Every activity and assessment needs to be well-designed towards the end goal: obtaining the learning objective.

In this newly published Learning Objectives course, we aim to support teachers in broadening their understanding of what learning objectives are, and how to use them. The learning raises debate regarding the use and value of learning objectives and why we feel they are still a valuable tool to be utilised in our schools. We hope this course will help you to design your units smoothly and deliver them effectively.

Head to the Learning Objectives course:


Supporting Learners with Their Revision

Revision season is coming soon!

Have you ever wondered why revision lessons don't achieve the desired result?

Do you know that a lot of commonly used revision strategies are proven to be less effective by researchers?

In this course, you will explore why common revision strategies don't always work, be introduced to the basics of learning theory, and review a range of strategies deemed by researchers to be more effective in supporting learners' needs.

Head to the Supporting Learners with Their Revision course:


Course Communities

To further support your learning journey when taking these courses, we've also created community spaces.

In the community spaces, we encourage each one of you to share thoughts and resources, talk about the learning, and inspire each other.

Head to the community page for Learning Objectives:

Head to the community page for Supporting Learners with Their Revision:


If you need any further support, feel free to reach out to The Learning and Professional Development Division at any time through our email:


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