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YCYW L&PD Newsletter, June 2022

Dear Colleagues,

Can you believe we are approaching the end of the school year already?

Time has flown by despite it being a particularly challenging time for many of us.

Over the last 3 months the Learning and Professional Development Division has been busy designing and creating more professional learning opportunities for all our staff, supporting your continuous growth and development.

Key Updates in a Nutshell
  • Effective Communication in the Workplace will be available on the PD platform before the end of the year. Stay tuned for more updates!

  • Growth Mindset and Learnership training workshops will be available for schools next academic year,

  • Our YCYW Podcast series is ready to launch, with our first mini series focusing on Assessment Policy and Practice. Check it out on the PD platform from Aug 1st.

  • ECE Collaborative Network events are now live on the PD Monday calendar!


Effective Communication in the Workplace

Communication is a part of everyday work life, and it is important to recognize the techniques for being an effective communicator.

This course will explore four main areas in the framework of L.E.A.D; L for Listen; E for Express; A for Adaptation and D for Diversity. Here is a short overview of this program:!AnnQE0fIG1XogyYa7D7byPh-TXqf?e=Gnqjyl

Stay tuned for the course launch in the coming weeks. Check out this link : and don't miss out!


Growth Mindset and Learnership Training

Since the beginning of this school year, L&PD has been preparing to bring Growth Mindset and Learnership training to staff across our organization. Now we are ready to share this with you!!

In semester 1 of the school year 2022-2023, our growth mindset and learnership ambassadors, will bring the training to the sites they are working in. In semester 2, we are expecting to bring it to campuses without local trainers.

We'd like to thank our trainers for getting on board with us and for their efforts and energy. Without their deep belief in growth mindset, learnership and determination, we wouldn't be able to bring this opportunity to you.

We are looking forward to seeing this training empowering students their learning and supporting your endeavours to maximise the effectiveness of our learning communities.


YCYW Teaching and Learning Podcast

As requested by many of you, The Learning and Professional Development Division is excited to launch our Teaching and Learning Podcast, as an alternative medium for accessing information that is important to you.

In our first mini series, we will be taking a dive into the topic of Assessment, and specifically, drawing attention to the fundamental aspects of the policy that inform changes to practice:

In this mini series you can listen to:

Episode 1 Assessment Policy at YCYW (available in Mandarin and English)

Episode 2 High vs Low Stakes Assessment

Episode 3 How Assessment Practice Will Continue to Evolve with Enhancements in Education.

Episode 1 Assessment Policy at YCYW is now available on the PD Platform.

For Episodes 2 and 3, we are joined by guest teachers; Cathy Morris from YCIS Puxi Primary, Gary Dixon from YWIES Guangzhou Secondary and Sophia Androu-Erriah from YWIES Beijing to delve deeper into this topic.

Tune in to find more:


ECE Collaborative Network Events on PD Monday

May 2022 has seen YCYW ECE Collaborative Network Events launch through PD Monday! We are thrilled to collaborate with our ECE leaders and teachers to be able to offer these specifically tailored workshops to our colleagues.

Since the beginning of May, Sophia Androu-Erriah from YWIES Beijing has been working with us to coordinate events for ECE staff, covering topics such as: Supporting Children’s learning through Schemas, Supporting Children’s Emotions, and Positive Relationships in the Classroom, and The Art of Awareness.

There are other exciting events coming up too in the near future, check out PD Portal to reserve your spot:


If you need any further support, feel free to reach out to The Learning and Professional Development Division at any time through our email:


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