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YCYW L&PD Newsletter, October 2022

Dear Colleagues,

Time goes by so quickly! How is your new school year going?

Our Learning and Professional Development Team has been working on offering high-quality professional training to staff across our organization over the past few months. We can’t wait to update you!

Key Updates in a Nutshell
  • PD Monday is full for semester 1! Various training sessions are available for you to book on the portal and you will notice that there are now more events tailored to the needs of our non-academic teams. New events are being added for semester 2 now!

  • YCYW Trainee Teacher Programme is in full flow with our 6 trainee teachers out on placement across our Puxi and Pudong campuses.

  • Growth Mindset and Learnership training is now available in some of our sites and will be offered more broadly in the coming months.

  • Access to the 10-week bilingual EBE Assessment Essentials course is available this academic year to all teaching staff.

  • The new course Effective Communication in the workplace is now available. Come join us!


PD Monday is back with a bang!

PD Monday has been on since August with multiple events every week on offer! We have received great feedback from our staff that has helped us continue to develop meaningful and impactful events for our community There’ll be more exciting sessions coming, check our PD portal to stay tuned:

Our first curriculum workshops this academic year were held on 19th September and 10th October with 14th November events open for registration now! There have also been introduction sessions like Getting Started with Your Appraisal Goals, Writing Journey Entries on InterLEAD, and Learning More about PD Opportunities in YCYW, The Reading Programme Forum and The Student Mentoring Programme.

Apart from academic training, we have also partnered with external vendors to provide customer service training for non-academic staff. Check out the PD portal link above for more information.


Trainee Teacher Programme

This year, a group of fresh new aspiring teachers with infinite potential have joined our own YCYW Trainee Teacher programme. After a year of intense training, as well as placements in our Shanghai campuses they will be joining our YCYW schools as full-time teachers next school year.

We would like to give heartfelt thanks to all the people who have supported this programme so far, including CPDD Team members Dr Fei Lam, Bridget Ip, Stella Kan, Julia Kortt, Deborah McNally and Zoe Wang.

We also owe immense gratitude to our superb trainee teacher mentors, Rob Garth, Emily Feng, Kevin Pham, Kiwi Chen, Glenda Perks, Hannah Powell, Sherry Cui and Lucy Zhang.


Growth Mindset and Learnership training

After a whole year of learning and preparation, we now have now brought Growth Mindset and Learnership training to YCIS Hong Kong, YCIS Shanghai Puxi, YCIS Shanghai Pudong, YCIS Qingdao, and YWIES Tongxiang. This semester, our trainers/ambassadors will promote the concepts and ideas regarding growth mindset and learnership with their peers, and delve into ways of utilising this to support students’ learning and progress.

We’d like to thank our trainers for being the driving force behind this learning and school leaders for supporting them in allocating time for the workshops to run. This is a truly inspiring programme and one that we know can have incredible impact in our community. Look out for an event happening in your school soon.


EBE Assessment Essentials course 2022-2023

Last year we launched our own YCYW bilingual Assessment Essentials course in collaboration with Evidence Based Education. This bespoke YCYW course has been licensed to us for an exclusive duration of 2 years, and 2022-2023 is the second year.

Access to the EBE Assessment Essentials course will be available in both Mandarin and English to all staff members from all schools this academic year. A 10-week YCYW version of this assessment course will allow you to delve deep into assessment, and enable you to design effective learning activities and assessments for your students.

If you are interested in taking the Assessment Essentials course this year, please let your PD Coordinator know as names will be collected shortly to arrange course access.

The following schools have signed up to access the learning with a January 2023 start date-

YCIS Beijing, YWIES Tongxiang, YCIS Hong Kong (Secondary), YCIS Pudong, YCIS Chongqing, YWIES Yantai, YWIES/YCIS Beijing Yizhuang, YWIES Guangzhou, and YWIES Gubei

The following schools have signed up to access the learning with a March 2023 start date-

YCIS Qingdao, YCIS Lingang, YWIES Lingang, YCIS Hong Kong (Primary), YCIS Puxi (Primary)


Effective Communication in the workplace

Do you want to know how to inspire others and make a positive change in the workplace?

Effective communication is definitely key. We have prepared a self-paced E-course on “Effective Communication in the workplace” for all staff across the organization. We are now excited to share this with you!

This course will explore the of L.E.A.D framework; L for Listen; E for Express; A for Adaptation and D for Diversity. You can enroll in this program here now:!


If you need any further support or have a question, feel free to reach out to The Learning and Professional Development Division at any time through our email:


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