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CPDD Partners with You

Updated: Oct 16, 2021

We understand that teachers might experience difficulties while developing curriculum for your school. In view of this, our Foundation has created the Curriculum and Professional Development Division (CPDD) which is formed by a team of professional Curriculum Officers, each of them taking charge of work in relation to the curriculum development for all Yew Chung and Yew Wah schools and the professional training offered to teachers.

Before the outbreak of the pandemic, our Curriculum Officers also visited schools, conducting co-planning with teachers, class observations and providing teaching demonstrations to colleagues.

CPDD is currently focusing on developing the curriculum of the following subjects:

- Chinese Language

- English Language

- Mathematics

- Science

- Humanities (including Chinese Studies)

- Visual Arts and Design Technology

- Physical Education

- Drama

- Education Technology

We hope in the near future, our service will cover other subjects as well.

CPDD shares the vision and mission upheld by all teachers. We believe that, the quality of education could be enhanced by virtue of teachers’ professional growth and that has to be achieved through sharing of resources and experiences, as well as learning together as a community.

Please watch the video clips to learn more about the areas of work of each Curriculum Officer and look for your collaborators.

Should you have any questions regarding our curriculum or training programme, you are very welcome to contact our team members directly or Sherman Chan by email using


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